SoCal Trombone Day

High School Trombone Choir
The High School Trombone Choir reading session at SoCal Trombone Day in 2017

SoCal Trombone Day is a one-day, annual event taking place at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, CA.  Trombone Day features student ensembles, exhibitors, and world class artists in a dynamic, full-day program of concerts, master classes, and competitions, culminating in a performance by Bones West, SoCal’s premiere trombone choir.  Open to students, teachers, professionals, vendors, hobbyists, and enthusiasts, SoCal Trombone Day is truly all things trombone – you’re sure to come away inspired!


A long standing tradition in the area, and originally founded by Bob Sanders, Trombone Day found a home at Mt SAC in 2017, under the leadership of Karen Marston, Len Wicks (Bones West), Michael Hoffman (Pacific Symphony/Cal State Fullerton), and Bob Sanders (Pacific Symphony, Ret./Cal State Fullerton) and continues as a mainstay regional event, annually.  Past guest artists have included David Rejano of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, international soloist Peter Steiner, NY-based jazz trombonist and composer Marshall Gilkes, and SoCal legends Bob McChesney and Dick Nash.  More information can be found at

High School Trombone Quartets
Karen with some of the students from the High School Trombone Quartet Competition, at the 2017 SoCal Trombone Day event.


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