Why study with me?

I have been teaching lessons for over 20 years, and have coached students at all levels of development – from beginners, to advanced college students and professionals.  My teaching philosophy is a student-centered approach, meaning my first goal is to get to know you, understand your goals, and listen to you play.  From there, I can tailor a unique learning plan that is best suited to your personal development.

The specific pedagogical techniques and musical exercises I use in the teaching studio are based on my own experiences as a performer, the tips and tricks I’ve learned from my own amazing teachers, and the research-based understandings I gained from an extensive dissertation project on the topic of brass pedagogy (read more about it here).  In particular, I focus on:

  • Airflow, ease of movement, and efficiency
  • Teaching tone production through an external focus/focus on sound
  • Building skills incrementally, so that they stick
  • Developing creativity and a musical voice
  • A multi-style approach to music-learning
  • A strong basis in healthy fundamentals to support lifelong playing

Most importantly, I strive to meet each student exactly where they are, and then take them as far as I can from there!  No need to be intimidated, or feel like lessons aren’t for you – everyone can learn and grow, no matter your age or level.

For more information about private lessons, please visit my Trombone Topics page, or email me at klmarston@live.com.

Studio location: Mt San Antonio College, Walnut, CA or ONLINE from anywhere
Instruments: Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

Karen SS

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